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Er Yatırım was established in 2005 upon Er Group of Companies’ (one of the largest groups in Turkey) decision to invest in Tourism. Since the day we were established, we have been developing lands in suitable locations as investors, and we started investing in 2013. In line with our goal of becoming a “branded urban hotel investor” and creating a real estate portfolio that has international fund value, we decided to construct 20 hotels in 10 years. Based on this decision, we had meetings with large hotel brands. In 2014, as a result of the agreement we executed with Starwood Group, one of the largest hotel groups of the world, we acquired the franchise rights of the brand Four Points by Sheraton. As of 2015, we started our hotel investments. We simultaneously started 6 projects in Istanbul Kağıthane, Kartal, Ataşehir, Eminönü, İzmir Bayraklı and Gebze. In March 2017, our first hotel, Four Points Sheraton Izmir opened its doors and the other hotels are already in the pipeline.

Chairman of the Board


The increase in global trade and the growth of our country induces global compliance by companies. The icrease in intercontinental trade relationships, congresses and events, low-cost tickets and new destinations provided by airline companies are effective in rapidly growing business tourism. And the development-prone structure of the market is driving hotel investors like us and chain brands of the world. Hotel investments in Turkey’s tourism industry are gravitating towards this direction.

as Er Yatırım, we strive to be the most elite representative of the most important hotel chains of the world. We receive cooperation offers from very large international hotel chains such as partnerships in our newly developed hotel projects. We acknowledge the concept of “investment design”, as a company culture. And we invest to make everybody win.

Our priority in hotel investments is Istanbul… However, since our goal is to build 20 hotels in 10 years, we also invest in hight-potential cities in Anatolia. With the investments we will make, we aim to become a market leader with a strong portfolio in terms of profitability and asset value, and with high-quality services in the segment we target.

Our group’s philosophy is honesty, high-quality service and products… With our sustainability vision, well-planned and implemented investments, we will follow Turkey’s trend of success in this area along with the population and tourism professionals with pide, and as Er Yatırım, we will take our place in the industry with our investments.

General Manager


Turkey today is moving away from sea, sand and sun tourism and towards business tourism, in line with the rising trend of business travels. Domestic and international hotel chains are increasing the number of hotels they have, in addition to developing new brands in line with the changing structure of the client profile.

International and domestic hotel chains choose to enter large cities, especially Istanbul with their 5-star brands, while they use their 3- or 4-star brands in Anatolia. The increase in tourist numbers, especially from the Middle East, encourages the large tourism companies of the region to invest in Turkey. In the last 10 years, 9 of the largest 10 hotel chains became active in Turkey in terms of management contracts or franchise rights.

As Er Yatırım, we are committed to execute our tourism investments all along Turkey together with international chain brands. We aim to build middle-sized urban business hotels. We plan on building 100-150 3- or 4- star hotels targeting the working class, located in downtown or on main arteries with easy access. Simultaneously, we think that Anatolia constitutes the most important complementary service section of Istanbul. İzmir, Eskişehir, Konya, Mersin, Gaziantep, İzmit, Çanakkale, Adana, Mardin, Diyarbakır and Trabzon will be the cities that we plan on building with priority.

We complete the whole process from plot selection to architectural design and implementation according to the standards of world-renowned hotel chains and the dynamic needs of the changing, developing modern man.

We act with our principle, “we invest to make everybody win” and move forward according to the goals we set.